What We Do...

Healthy Habitats Coalition (HHC) promotes the conservation and restoration of our nation’s natural resource heritage and protection of our economic interests from the harm caused by invasive species. HHC seeks legislation and appropriations that assist private, local, state, and federal land managers through state and federal leadership. Invasive species cause over $120 billion annually in losses and increased expenses in America thus, negatively impacting commerce. Additionally, HHC supports industry and agencies developing management solutions stimulating commerce and providing for permanent jobs.

Our Vision ...

  • Expand the understanding and awareness of invasive species management and restoration needs through the application of scientific knowledge to support a cooperative approach to ecosystem management.
  • Enhance the infrastructure that supports increased invasive species appropriations that improve the government’s capacity to prevent and control invasive species
  • Measure the accountability for the use of public funds to ensure that such funds are spent directly on solving the invasive species problem.
  • Support the effectiveness of invasive species policy, regulations and directions that improve the government’s ability to conserve and enhance human land use and management activities and promotes healthy wildlife habitats.

Executive Board

Roger Batt - Executive Director
President, Batt Associates

Dr. George Beck - Chair
Professor, Colorado State University

Jim Grey – Vice Chair
Director, 2,4-D Task Force

Make your voice be heard!

The spread of invasive species is an issue that needs to be taken seriously by legislators. The US Forest Service has included invasive species as a “top four” threat to our national forests. Invasive insects, animals, and weeds can have a devastating impact on ecosystems and local economies. They cost the U.S. economy $120 billion per year.

Legislative support is critical to creating the kind of federal, state, and local government partnerships and initiatives that are necessary to get a handle on this problem, and ensure that our national forests remain the treasures that they are.

You can make a difference today by sending an email to your local federal representative in the U.S. Congress and Senate and asking them to take steps to take action to curb the spread on invasive species.

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